I don’t want to jinx it but it seems like summer has finally arrived! I mean, it hasn’t rained for 3 days… if that’s not an excuse to start drinking on pavements after work again I don’t know what is!

So because with beautiful sunshine comes delicious drinks, I went along to one of Aperol’s Summer Socials last night atop the Bird of Smithfield near Farringdon, where I was to enjoy an evening of beautiful Italian canapés, a print art workshop and multiple glasses of the beautiful sparkly orange stuff!


From May to August, Aperol Spritz are hosting eight free after-work events, with London’s hottest lifestyle influencers and brands, including Forza Win, Print Club London, The School of Life and Soho Radio. I had applied to attend the Print Club social months ago and had almost forgotten about it until last week when I received my confirmation. A wonderful surprise to suddenly have great plans for an otherwise boring Tuesday evening!

I have to admit I had never been a huge fan of the Aperol Spritz before, enjoying the instagrammability of the orange filled glass more so than the taste which I had found bitter and not a patch on the Summer favourite of Pimms, but a few sips into my luminous sunshine filled glass (with just a slice of orange rather than a 5 a day quotent of fruit) I was converted. It’s not overly sweet, despite being 3 parts prosecco, but rather refreshing and dangerously quaffable (especially dangerous considering it’s 11%)

We were given a brief history on Aperol (did you know it’s the most popular cocktail in Italy?) and told to keep helping ourselves to the drinks and numerous canapés. The cheese cubes were a particular delight and I probably had the equivalent of a block in no time!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 18.27.03

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 18.28.19

The hands-on workshop from Dalston’s screen printing gurus, Print Club London, was really cool and saw us being given the chance to get a bit arty and create prints to take home, with designs inspired by the original Aperol Spritz advertising from the 1920’s. Now that i’m an Aperol convert i’ll definitely be hanging that somewhere in my flat to remind me of summer drinking days!

Artist in action! The event photographer managed to capture me creating my masterpiece!


The Bird of Smithfield is a great venue and we were so lucky with the weather last night as it meant we could hang out on the terrace which is decorated with orange trees and pretty lights, as well as another bar and plenty of seating.

Rosanna “candidly” enjoying her Spritz


Inspired by the Terrazza Aperol in Milan, the rooftop has been transformed into a true haven for Spritz lovers.  Outside of the Spritz Social dates, the Aperol Spritz Terrazza is open for revelers to enjoy, Monday to Saturday all throughout the summer months. It really is a great after work venue for drinks in the Summer… and the tipple of choice is offered at 2-4-1 from 5-7pm nightly so there’s no excuse not to go!

To apply for a place for you and a guest at one of these free events, head to their website and click on their events page to enter your details. Entry will close 72 hours prior to each event and there are limited spaces available. Applicants will be chosen at random and notified if successful 48 hours ahead of the event, where they will be contacted with further event details.

All attendees will be required to prove they are of UK legal drinking age. Obviously!

Find out about more Aperol events on their facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @AperolSpritzUK #ItStartsNow