A heads up – this is the best place to visit in the middle of a heat wave, as this hotel restaurant combines glorious high ceilings, marble walls and air conditioning to make it cool and comfortable in the hot weather. Obviously that’s not something you’ll need to concern yourself with at the moment, but don’t worry, because in the winter it’s comfortably warm – so more than anything, this restaurant has it’s thermostat figured! A good start.

Now onto the food.

IMG_5627This restaurant is interesting because it offers  a selection of British Tapas, something i’ve never really come across before. They’re designed to either be had as a starter, or if you order a few plates then they make a good light lunch. I tend to go for the second option, maybe throwing in one of their dishes from the starter menu too for good measure (the twice cooked black sticks blue souffle with pear, walnut and radish salad is £6.30 and delicious!)

If you want to follow my lead and order a few tapas dishes, then you really must order the Roasted Belly of Pork with Apple Sauce. The small strips of pork belly have a great salty crackling finish that is not too chewy and is complimented brilliantly by the sweet apple sauce (it really is a flavour match made in heaven for me). The Roast Venison with Mulled Wine Pear and Horseradish Cream is also a fantastic choice; the Venison is cooked well and is lovely and tender, and works well with the pear and the richness of the horseradish. And then the Lobster Scrambled Egg with Toasted Soldiers will simply put a smile on your face with the presentation alone! All of the british tapas are priced at £7.90 for two, and then priced at £3.50 for every additional choice.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.16.59If you still have room for dessert (and you probably will) then you really must try the Chocolate Mousse, Popcorn Ice Cream and Salted Caramel Milkshake for £6.50. The combination of the three elements is very sweet, so if you’re not a pudding person this might not be for you, but I absolutely love it. Prepare to feel a bit sick by the end (that’s a lot of very rich sweet flavours in there) but just know you’ll definitely be craving it again a few days later.