Several months ago I visited a secret supper club location in Angel to enjoy an evening of creative and artistic dining in one of the loveliest apartments i’ve ever been to in London. It was Christabel’s Edible Playground and it involved glitter, bubbles, games and delicious food. It also included a rather delicious welcome cocktail that was as beautiful to observe as it was to drink!


Now Christabel is giving you the chance to make these delicious cocktails for yourself with her brand new Cocktail Making Kits!

The kits currently come in 2 cocktail options, with ingredients to make either the Flirt cocktail or the Zinger cocktail!

Check out this awesome video from their launch party at Lights of Soho last Friday. It’s a tropical, delicious cocktail paradise!


The kits include EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get your party started, including enough ingredients to make seven cocktails (so thats a great starter to the night with your friends or one hell of a night in alone!) as well as a GORGEOUS copper cocktail shaker (what my dreams are made of!), 2 beautifully cut glasses, stirrers and that all important recipe card!


The kits are priced at £55 each, and you can buy additional ingredients & equipment on the website too.


And while you’re on the website, why don’t you book into one of her INCREDIBLE upcoming supper clubs. I’ll be heading to another one in the next month and will definitely let you know how it goes… but it’d be better to find out for yourself, right?!