I’m actually quite excited for Christmas this year.

Despite the fact that the lights on Oxford Street (which look a lot like those lampshades from Ikea that you find in literally every student home in the country) were already hanging over the heads of shoppers who hadn’t even thought about buying gifts yet back in September, I think now, post- Halloween, it is time to focus our attention on the impending gift-buying season.

Once again I have rounded up a selection of gifts I think are perfect for any person that takes great pleasure in the delicious things! With a price range to suit all budgets, hopefully, you’ll be able to find something for the epicurean in your life.

For the one who likes a tipple or two…

Bloody Mary Teabags £6.95

When you’re hungover and need to rehydrate with a cuppa, but also desperately crave a Bloody Mary, Fortnum’s have you covered with these Bloody Mary flavoured tea-bags. Perfect for the pal who always goes too hard on a school night.

PB&J Old Fashioned £36

An Old Fashioned is my favourite cocktail, and I’ve recently been enlightened to the world of PB&J sarnies (America got something right for once!) so this bottled cocktail certainly tickles my fancy. Perfect for your open-minded traditionalist.

Gin Liqueur £39.99

The only thing better than gin is gin that glistens, so this bottle of “unicorn tears” is the absolute one for your mystical obsessed pal who will enjoy looking at this on their shelf as much as they will drinking it. Also available in miniature!

Crystal Head Vodka £79.95

And if effervescent unicorns ain’t your friend’s bag, how about this beautiful bottle of Crystal Head Vodka served in a millennial inspired bottle? A talking piece of any liquor cabinet.

Cocktail Shaker £28-38

You can’t make beautiful cocktails without a beautiful cocktail shaker. These stunning Anthropology shakers are so gorgeous you’ll want to display them pride of place!

House of Lords Whisky £40.45

My FAVOURITE whisky is this small batch single malt which is usually only available from within the Palace of Westminster (it is the official whisky of the House of Lords, after all) but for slightly more expense you can grab a bottle from here. It is light and the perfect gift for any whisky lover!

Whisky Tumbler £14

If you don’t want to buy your loved one a bottle of something, how about a monogrammed thick bottomed tumbler. Super elegant and thoughtful, it’s an absolute winner.

Gin Fizz Gummies £7.99

Because drinking at your desk is frowned upon, how about getting someone a pot of these gin fizz gummies? Only a sugar tyrant of a boss could have anything to say about these!

Laurent Perrier Vanilla Candle £26

Though it doesn’t smell of my favourite champagne, this pretty little candle resides within an upcycled Laurent Perrier bottle and is the perfect gift for any fan of the elegant bubbly stuff.

Beer Making Kit £39.99

For the man (or woman) who loves a pint or two (and doesn’t usually shut up about it), you can’t go far wrong with a beer making kit to keep them occupied (and quiet)

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses £24.99

 Cut out one of the middlemen with your Tequila Slammer Sesh by shotting your bad decision juice from a glass made from salt. They’ll last a while and add a touch of class to your evening (before bad things inevitably start to happen!)

Bauble Drinking Glass £8

Yes, there might only be one time a year that it’s acceptable to crack these out, but you can’t get much more festive than drinking your favourite holiday tipple from a bauble!



For the Piggy in your squad

Lady Godiva Chocolates & Limited Edition Tin £26.25

Chocolates don’t get much more decadent than Godiva, and this limited edition tin provides all of the best from the collection, with a range of milk, white and dark and a variety of fillings. The perfect chocolate lover’s treat!

Paul Smith Sugar Pot £105

Yes, it’s a lot of money for a sugar pot, but this gorgeous Paul Smith signature stripe design is perfect for any fashion lover with a sweet tooth. You could even splash out and buy the entire collection, just to complete the set.

Condiment Set with Spoons £38

If you are friends with the kind of person who has the energy to decant their condiments into pots for their dinner parties (FYI I will NEVER be that person) then this pretty set from Oliver Bonas is perfect.

Biscuiteers Rainy Day Icing Kit £50

This kit has everything you need to give your home–baked biscuits and cakes the Biscuiteers touch, with all the tools they use in their bakery including piping bags, coloured pastes, decorations and more.

Nina Cheese Marker Set £26

For someone who is all about a good cheese board, these pretty and elegant cheese markers will make choosing what to enjoy after your meal even simpler.

Zaire Agate Cheese Board £68

And if you’re feeling flush, why not add in this stunning cheese board to display all their well-labelled favourites? This might just be the prettiest board I’ve ever seen!

Cooking Class with Avenue Cookery School from £35 (for kids) and £39 (for grown-ups)

I always think the gift of knowledge and practicality is a delight to receive at Christmas, and the Avenue Cookery School can provide you with both of these things with one of their hands-on cookery classes. I can recommend the Sunday Brunch one!

Chocolate Wreath £22

Not advised to hang on your door as the postman might have a cheeky nibble, but this is a rather delicious way of marking the festive season… and it’s so large it’ll probably last you until Easter.

Espresso Marmalade £9.99

Not sure if Paddington would approve of this Marmalade, but I certainly do. Spread your morning pick-me-up on a slice of toast and you’ll be buzzing til lunchtime.

Giant Gummy Bear £34.99

I literally see no reason why you wouldn’t buy one of these for absolutely everyone you know. Probably a winner for any child, or child at heart, or anyone that likes to pretend they’re a borrower.

Biscuit Tin £8.99

No home is complete without a biscuit tin, and you can keep it a bit traditional with this McVities Digestive Tin… though might I suggest you pack it full with Viennese Whirls, cos they’re my faves…

Joe & Seph’s Mint Chocolate Popcorn Tube £10.99

Popcorn is my favourite snack, and you don’t get popcorn much more luxurious than Joe & Seph’s, and the flavour options are pretty incredible. You can treat your snack happy pal to any number of flavours; I’d personally recommend the Mint Chocolate.



For your Food Loving Secret Santa

Pug In A Mug Tea Defuser £8

Pugs are fashionable. Tea is lovely. This pretty much ticks all boxes for anyone who loves pugs and tea. Not a lot more to say about that…

More Wine Pin Badge £6

So you got Linda from accounts for Secret Santa. She needs this badge to remind her that the lack of printer cartridges is really not the end of the world and she just needs to chill out with a glass of vino more often…

R2D2 KeepCup 8oz £14

The force is strong with this one. The perfect gift for the office geek who only functions properly after a cup of joe. Super cute and distinct enough that no-one will steal it when they’re away from their desk…

Bah Humbug Christmas Dinner £6.50

Christmas dinner in a matchbox. Relieve your Secret Santa of the burden of spending hours cooking Christmas Lunch with this box containing a whole dinner in 3 mouthfuls… They’ll absolutely thank you for that.

Huggable Heated Doughnut £19.99

Nothing warms my heart more than a doughnut… apart from maybe this doughnut which can quite literally warm your heart. Perfect for the person who is ALWAYS cold at their desk.

Reese’s Lip Balm £8.99

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are delicious, and chapped lips are a casualty of winter, so this really is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone who wants to make their mouth happy inside and out.

Whisky Stones £15

These whisky stones are great for any ice cold drink lover. Good for anyone who likes their drams cold but not diluted. Simply pop the whiskey stones in their bag in the freezer, then stick them in the drink of choice.

Boozy Brussel Sprout Chocolates £12

It might seem cruel to give someone sprouts for Christmas, but these are chocolate filled sprouts that won’t leave your Secret Santa with a bitter taste in their mouth…

Sushi Socks £5.99 per pair

If you didn’t get/give socks for Christmas, did you even REALLY celebrate the holiday? These cleverly disguised sushi socks are the perfect gift for any raw fish fan!

Coffee Lover Pencils £5.95

Help your Secret Santa get through the daily grind with this super cute little pencil set, all complete with excellent coffee puns which thrills me to no end!

Bacon Soap £15

If your Secret Santa happens to be someone who sits in close proximity to you, and you happen to love the scent of bacon, THIS is what you need. It looks like bacon and it smells like bacon, but it tastes nothing like bacon and is quite cleansing!


So there you have it, my 2017 Food & Drink gift guide, perfect for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of food, drink or indulgence, with prices to fit all budgets. For more ideas, you could check out my Gift Guide Pinterest Board which I’ll keep updated in the run-up to Christmas.