Vegetarianism is something I am afraid I cannot comprehend. I am a lover of meat. It’s delicious. It is especially delicious when cooked at this Covent Garden based Steakhouse.

For many, a steak dinner is a huge treat. I’m not sure if you can put a price on that warm feeling of elation and joy that runs through your body when you take your first bite of a juicy steak, but of course there is a price, and it’s usually quite a high one. But lets be honest, this is a meal where you get what you pay for. Too many times have I been craving a juicy slab of steak for my dinner and been fooled by the low prices of thin, flavourless flash fry steaks in Sainsbury’s that have left me miserable and disappointed and still craving a succulent, satisfying carnivorous feast! But I’ve learnt my lesson now – the best thing to do is visit Hawksmoor Seven Dials, where a delicious two course Express Menu can be had for just £23 until 6.30pm and from 10pm Monday – Saturday.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 15.31.29 This well priced Express Menu will see you able to choose from three choices of starters,  mains and  desserts (Want three courses? Just add £3 to your bill) If you are a hard core meat fan (like myself) you simply cannot go wrong with the bone Marrow with Onions starter. If you don’t like your meat to be served looking like it did when alive, then this isn’t the dish for you, as the marrow  is served within two large bones, topped with sweet fried onions. To eat, simply scrape out the marrow and onions and either eat alone or on the toasted bread provided. The flavour is intense, and the texture is slimy and unusual. It’s not exactly an elegant dish to consume, but how can you care about what you look like when the dish is so tasty? If the idea of Bone Marrow isn’t your thing, the Potted Mackerel is a good alternative; the mackerel isn’t overpowering and makes for a nice light start to the meal.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 15.31.40For the main course I think there really is only one choice, although the menu may tell you there is three – why would you want to come to one of London’s best steak houses and have Sea Bream or Roasted Winter Vegetables? The only possible way to go with the main course has to be the 250g Rib-eye steak, cooked to your specification with a side of your choice (you can never go wrong with triple cooked chips, but if you want something a bit different, I would whole-heartedly recommend the sweet potato which comes baked whole and adds a great sweet element to this very meaty course.) If you want to add an accompanying sauce to your meal (un-necessary if you want to add moisture as the steaks are juicy enough alone, but great if you want to make your meal even more flavoursome) then the Bone Marrow Gravy is a must for an extra £3.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 15.31.47If you still have room for dessert (which i’ll be honest, you might not) your choices are classic Sticky Toffee Pudding, Honeybomb Cheesecake and my favourite, warm Peanut Butter Shortbread. While peanut butter isn’t for everyone (and on its own, that includes myself) this pudding isn’t overpowered by a peanut butter flavour, but is simply more of an undertone. Still warm from the oven, the crumbly shortbread is smooth on the pallet and and goes really well with the accompanying salted caramel ice-cream.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 15.23.54While steaks are the centre stage dishes of this great restaurant, this isn’t where the glorious meatiness of the menu ends. They also offer a choice of three incredible burgers that have the ability to compete with London burger heavyweights Patty & Bun & MEATLiquor. The three choices are the Kimchi Burger, The Hawksmoor Burger (topped with bone marrow and a choice of yellow or blue cheese) and the Third Burger which is the restaurant’s special burger of the month (currently Port & Stilton).  All burgers are £15 and come with a side of your choice (again, the Sweet Potato is great with these burgers but I couldn’t blame you if you opted for the chips… they are quite special)

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 15.31.17The Hawksmoor Burger with blue cheese was my choice, cooked pink and already dripping with amazing meat juices as it was placed in front of me. The first bite was like an explosion of flavour; a food-gasm of meat, cheese, onions and sweet tomato that all married together perfectly. The proof of a good burger is when the juice dribbles down your forearm as you pick it up… and this was a great burger! Unfortunately I began biting into this burger at the wrong angle, and so it wasn’t long before the juices had soaked through to the bottom bun and caused it to disintegrate, meaning I had to call in reinforcements in the form of a knife and fork… and everyone knows that burgers lose 50% of their incredible flavour when cutlery gets involved. The same goes for pizzas. It’s a shame, but nothing can really take away from me the fact that this is a delicious burger when consumed with the right technique! If you’re a burger lover, you can’t afford not to try this one. And if you want to add a little extra to your burger experience, order yourself a Bloody Mary. Presented well, this spicy tomato drink complements the flavours of the meat in these dishes outstandingly. The spice adds another dimension of flavour to your meal, and I think rounds off the Hawksmoor experience brilliantly. Of course it’s not for everyone (a very recent drink for me to find myself liking) but if you are partial to a Bloody Mary, this is the occasion to order one.

The crux of the matter is these guys know meat, and how to cook it well. It simply is a carnivores haven, and really worth a visit. But if you find yourself craving one of these hearty meaty meals and you’re not in the Seven Dials area, don’t worry too much, as Hawksmoor also have restaurants situated in Guildhall, Spitalfields and Air Street.