This Michelin-starred restaurant, the sister to the Pied A Terre, has a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere that doesn’t hold any pretence at all, despite the intricate way in which its dishes are cooked and presented.

At the moment, this fantastic restaurant is offering an incredible deal (valid until 30th Nov ’13), where guests can enjoy a 5 course tasting menu for just £35 a head, so of course we felt it only right that we take advantage of this… and as we were saving so much money, it seemed that adding the matching wine pairings for £34.50 each would be a good idea (hint: it was a fantastic idea!)

To begin you must know that the bread selection in this restaurant is excuisit, with each individual roll freshly baked and still warm from the oven, and I did almost make the mistake of filling myself up with them alone – try to resist doing that, because what comes next it worth staying hungry for!

L'autre Pied

We began our meal with a Salad of Radishes with Black Quinoa, Crème Fraiche, Fennel and Dill. The flavours on this plate were light and a great way to start the meal, and matched perfectly with the very light glass of crisp white wine.

The next course, Baked Crapaudine Beetroot with Horseradish Milk, Balsamic, Herbs and Hazelnuts had the best textures of all the courses, with some elements melting in the mouth, while others tingled the tastebuds, and the Poached Pollock with Grilled Leek that followed with Broccoli, Cauliflower & Romanesco was cooked wonderfully.

The main role of this meal went to a plate of Crisp Pressed Suckling Pig Marinated, Agen Prunes, Carrots and Peanut Crumble, complete with a top of chewy crisp crackling. The sweetness of the prunes worked brilliantly with the tenderness of the pork, and went very well with the first and only glass of red wine of the matching flight. Unfortunately I ate this dish too quickly to remember to take a photo of the beautiful presentation… (you’ll have to go try it for yourself to see!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 14.16.10

To finish,  a stunning and refreshing plate of Coconut and Chilli Panna Cotta with Toasted Marshmallows, Banana & Passionfruit Sorbet. While alone the matching glass of sharp and sweet riesling wasn’t completely to our taste, together, this was a match made in heaven, and it wasn’t long before my plate was scraped clean!

Since my first meal at L’Autre Pied back in August, and now this second meal, I think this might now possibly be one of, if not my favourite restaurants in London. And even if you have found yourself unable to grasp this wonderful offer with both hands in time, you should still visit, as their lunch menu is reasonably priced for the quality of the food, and even the A La Carte won’t sting you in the wallet too much!