It seems these days there is an app for everything. Want food delivered to your door? There’s an app for that. Want to buy a new house? There’s an app for that. Want a new boyfriend? There’s an app for that.  Want to catch fictional monsters? There’s an app for that. But have you ever heard of an app that gets you FREE DRINKS? Well, lemme introduce to you the best app since Candy Crush: Drinki!

Drinki is the ultimate social enabler and the key to getting any night started. Both free to download and free to use, Drinki operates on both Android and iOS and is currently only available to use in London, but there is a view to taking over the country in no time!

Drinki has evolved a lot since it first launched about three years ago. It had a very different look and functionality three years ago, and the user experience wasn’t quite as slick and easy as what it is now, but for a summer it was mine and my girlfriend’s go-to app to get our nights out started.


We love a cheeky tote but what other merch would you want to see?

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Now, Drinki is available to everyone (18 and over) and it has more participating bars than ever before, with more being added on an almost weekly basis, so a few months ago when the opportunity presented itself I decided to become an official Ambassador for Drinki and help spread the word about this life-changing social app.

If you follow my social media channels you’ll have seen my posts promoting the app, but nothing helps you spread the message about something you love better than organising a demo of it and for Drinki the best way to demo it was to organise an event at one of the bars available on the app, which is exactly what I did!

As you may or may not know, I have been part of the TimeOut Tastemakers group for two years now. We are a community of 300 Londoners who review events and venues in London (and any other TimeOut city around the world) and we all love trying out new bars and restaurants, and anything that can make our time in London more enjoyable, so I arranged to invite them all to The Magic Roundabout in the middle of Old Street Station roundabout for a Drinki!

The Magic Roundabout is London’s most unique party space, offering award winning street food, artisan coffee, beautiful cocktails and craft beers! As if that wasn’t enough, their line-up of DJs is plucked from some of London’s biggest clubs are on the decks each evening, playing a superb mix of disco, house and groove. You enter it whilst still in Old Street Station meaning you don’t have to navigate the many exits to get to the bar! The venue is a mixture of open-air and covered and is open 7 days a week, rain or shine.

Rain or shine was the operative word for our Tastemaker x Drinki event, as the heavens had opened for business early on the day of the event and closed only to lure us into a false sense of security before re-opening right in the middle of the event. But that didn’t matter as we were all gathered in part of the covered area, a section of the venue that looks like something out of a festival, with beautiful vines of greenery and flowers snaking up and across the roof, a pretty and very much functioning fountain and beautiful murals painted on the walls. It kept us dry while we enjoyed the evening.


All Tastemakers had been invited along with a plus one to learn about Drinki, enjoy the Magic Roundabout and sample some of the delights from one of the food vendors in residence at the venue. With everyone downloading the app they were able to grab themselves their free drink, a Raspberry Haze.

Blended with raspberry puree, fresh lime, apple and cranberry juice with a vodka base, this sweet and refreshing Drinki cocktail was perfect for getting the night started, and once they were finished, that wasn’t the end of the Drinki drinking, as the app then gives a pretty sweet discount on the next round you buy. At The Magic Roundabout, the Drinki discount is 25% off your next round, and that includes bottles of wine, so Milly and I opted for a bottle of their house white which only set us back £15 rather than the RRP £20.

As we all said our hellos and mingled with one another, food began to arrive, courtesy of Loaded Skins.

To begin, the team brought out chickpea fries, cheese croquettes and chipotle slaw. The chickpea fries were quite extraordinary – with a texture like a thick, solid hummus which was delicious when dunked into the romesco dip. The cheese croquettes were gorgeous, filled with gooey, thick cheese which was ever so slightly molten, but like the vultures we all are, we didn’t have the patience to wait for them to cool down. Scolded gums were so worth it.

But naturally, the star of the food were the namesake potato skins loaded full with a selection of awesome fillings. The Fleetwood Mac & Cheese skins were quite something, made with house mac n cheese, bacon, crispy onions, jalapenos, sriracha butter and parsley – the cheese was gooey and the bacon crispy and salty. It was all the carbs and all the joy.

The vegetarian option, which also happened to be gluten-free, was the Beet It, a beetroot risotto with crispy roots, mascarpone, parmesan, candied beet and dill. The crispiness of the potato skin which crunched with each bite was the perfect vessel to shovel the cooling, lightly sweet filling into my mouth (which was still slightly scolded after the croquettes!)

One we were fed and watered (with a few more discounted drinks courtesy of Drinki) and the rain had actually decided to give it a rest, the event began to wrap up. Despite the weather being complete crap, the evening had been a huge success.

The Magic Roundabout is a brilliant venue no matter the weather, but when the sun is shining (as it was 2 weeks ago when we first did a reccy for the event!) it is an incredible sun trap and a great place to head for after work drinks (especially if you want to avoid that initial rush-hour crush down in the station) or on a weekend, and being able to get your first round on the house with Drinki makes a visit a no-brainer! It also means the classic excuse of being too poor to grab a drink after work is no longer acceptable! Boom!

You can download Drinki for free from the Apple Store & the Google Play Store. And if you want to get yourself an extra free drink on me, use the code GEORGIE.

All photos courtesy of Drinki Queen Hannah Parvaz