I’ve lived in London for exactly one year now. I’ve always been in London, mostly on weekends whilst my dad and brother went to watch their beloved Chelsea play on the Fulham Road, and I would spend that time walking the streets of central London, discovering lovely restaurants, shops, bars, boutiques and so on, all the while falling in love with this incredible city. Coming from a small town in West Berkshire, i’ve always felt a bit out of place. Never satisfied with the two village pubs I had at my disposal, or the bleak high-street of shops in my local town. London has always been where I belong and where I am happiest. Moving here in Summer 2011 confirmed this.

I live in Central London. Very central, in fact. It’s a big price to pay but I adore being able to walk out of my door and have a wealth of incredible bars, restaurants, theatres and shops quite literally on my door step. I enjoy nothing more than discovering new places – just by taking a cheeky short cut to somewhere I often find somewhere magical and hidden that I otherwise would know nothing about! It’s exciting. I never know what i’m going to find, and when I find it, I want to tell the world “Look what i’ve found! Come and see!” Maybe many of these places are well known, but to me, finding something by myself is the most rewarding feeling, and sharing it with my friends and family makes it even more so.

Whilst living in London, I am studying Creative Writing at the University of Westminster on Regent Street. I write stories, poems, plays, scripts, but I am under no illusion that upon graduating next year that I will instantly be snapped up by Penguin with a million pound book deal – that sort of writing is not my passion. The dream is to one day write for Time Out London. Imagine a job being paid to go to amazing places and write about them! I cannot imagine a job more perfect for me. I really can’t. But a dream so adventurous and perfect, and a job with a publication so famous as Time Out is not going to come easy. I know this. The instant rejection to my application for work experience with them this month proved this even more (“we are not currently accepting applications at this time… please try again in 2013”) so I need to try something else. If I need to wait to be discovered, I need to make myself discoverable!

So what I want to do is share My London with you via a blog. My favourite places, my favourite bars, favourite restaurants, cafes, secret parks, weird works of art dotted around in bizarre places, interesting buildings, members clubs, things to order off a menu… places you might not know about, places you definitely will and places you might even want to avoid. I don’t like keeping wonderful things to myself, and London is a wonderful place.

So this is me, sharing My London with you, so you can make it Your London too.