I don’t know why we only really have pancakes on one day a year. I genuinely believe them to be absolutely delicious, and love them all the more for the fact that they can be served sweet or savoury. They are the ultimate in versatility.

Nutella as big as ya head! – enough for one sitting.

With this love for Pancakes in mind, last week after a quick drink on Kensington High Street, my lovely friend Janey and I chose to head to My Old Dutch. This Kensington restaurant is one of three. The other two in the trio can be found in Chelsea and again in Holborn, where the original pancake house was established in 1958. In fact, my mum and dad visited this place when I was just a twinkle in their blue and green eyes! It’s like a Holborn institution. If nothing else, it just proves how old my parents really are. But I suppose it also shows that there really is a demand for pancakes all year round, which I think you’ll agree, is wonderful news.

This restaurant offers savoury and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads, traditional Dutch starters and desserts. They also offer a great choice of beers and fruit beers, including the strawberry favourite of mine, Frulli. The menu is extensive, with a fantastic range of meaty and vegetarian pancakes, as well as a few lighter options for those attempting to eat healthier, as well as gluten free pancakes for those who are Celiac. Prices range from £6.25 and up to around the £11 mark. You have the option to make your pancake as creative and expensive as you wish with the “create your own” option, but the A La Carte menu has so much choice i’d be surprised if you weren’t able to pick something from there that will float ya boat!

Savoury Pancakes! Amsterdammer & Seafood

It took Janey and me a while to choose, and it was a very last minute decision for me when I opted for the Amsterdammer; a large pancake cooked with sautéed apple and bacon and served with a side of maple syrup costing just £8.25. This is a brunch combo I often dream of and so it deserved to win out over my second choice of smoked duck breast, sweet peppers, spring onions, mushrooms and hoi-sin sauce priced at £10.95 (I’ll have that next time!). Janey was tossing between the Four Seasons and the Seafood pancakes, eventually settling on the latter which came topped with King Prawns, tuna, olives, cheese and tomato sauce, with optional capers (yes) and anchovies (no).

My Amstrdammer was everything I hoped it would be and more. The apple was sweet while the bacon was perfectly salty. Bringing both elements together and marrying them perfectly was the soft, thin pancake which gave you a harmonious mouthful, satisfying my cravings for both sweet and savoury quite nicely. The occasional addition of the maple syrup tipped the mouthful more towards a dessert rather than a savoury, but with the bacon, it was a match made in heaven! Janey’s £9.95 Seafood pancake resembled a soft based pizza, both aesthetically and in taste thanks to the tomato and cheese base. They weren’t too stingy with the seafood topping either, providing just enough of everything to make this a well balance dish.

5 Creme Egg Sweet Pancake Special!

Not satisfied with a huge savoury pizza each, we decided that it was only right that we order ourself a sweet pancake too (to share, naturally!) This wouldn’t be a balanced review if we didn’t try both choices, after all! Luckily for us (and unluckily for our waistlines) they still had Creme Egg as a topping on their specials board (they must have over ordered at Easter!) and so we opted to have a large sweet pancake (rather than a stack of their smaller American style Butterscotch) with Creme Egg & icing sugar. We expected this pancake to come with maybe two Creme Eggs splattered across the surface. When it arrived, we realised we were wrong. Very wrong indeed. Much like the seafood, they hasn’t scrimped on the topping; we had no more than 5 full size Eggs cracked on top of our pancake, with their fondant filling oozing out across the fluffy surface. I usually find myself feeling incredibly sick after just half an egg, so you can imagine how I felt after Janey and myself managed to polish off the entire thing! With every mouthful the guilty over indulgent feeling swelled within us, and yet we couldn’t stop. In fact, we refused to stop until the last bit of gooey chocolate was scraped from the beautiful blue plate. Piggies 1 – Pancakes 0!!!

Build Your Own! Ice-cream, Blueberries, Cream & Nutella

I would say that these pancakes are very reasonably priced considering the amount of toppings provided and the size of the portions, however if you’re looking to indulge a little cheaper, you can always opt to visit one of these fab pancake houses on a Monday, when they have their £5 Monday Madness! However, this deal isn’t available on a Bank Holiday which I found out yesterday when I returned for another sweet pancake… no problem however, as we chose to build our own (an option not included in the deal anyway), with vanilla ice cream (£1.25), whipped cream (£1.25), Blueberries (85p) and Nutella (75p) all on top of a £5.50 base. Three scoops of ice cream made that topping choice a good one, but I felt a little short changed with the small squirting of whipped cream which was a little thin for my liking, and we definitely could have done with more blueberries… but regardless, we ate the lot, and surprisingly didn’t feel too ill afterwards.

This is a great place to head if you’re looking to get that pancake fix, and i’d imagine it’s a top choice for group bookings! don’t suppress those pancake cravings for one day a year… these are worth returning for week after week!