Georgie Porgie Pudding & Pie isn’t just about the reviews anymore. It’s about the important news you need to make your lives more delicious… and it starts today with this wonderful announcement:

Bailey’s have launched a brand new flavour in time for Autumn (which starts around midday on my birthday – next Tuesday – so I can claim to be both a Summer & Autumn baby)


Basic alcoholic prone bitches of the world rejoice. The world’s favourite “fall” flavour has arrived in creamy, after dinner/before bed-time drink form and the reviews are spot on.

“Sweet cinnamon and baking spices, buttery, maple, brown sugar, baked pie crust with additional hints of the sweet brown nuances of vanilla and coffee”

Creamier than a Starbucks latte, but still a WONDERFUL addition to your (morning?) coffee, this limited edition blend of autumnal spices hit the shelves THIS WEEK and Tesco just so happen to be running a 2 for £20 deal so best snatch it up now before every ugg boot wearing, latte instagramming basic gets them!

For a few great recipes on how to make the most of this Pumpkin Spice addition, check out the Baileys website!