London is one of my favourite places to be in the summer. It seems to come alive with incredible things to do at amazing venues, and something which seems to have become incredibly popular this year is the outdoor cinema. These large al fresco screens have been popping up all over town, from Battersea to Vauxhall and Somerset House to Southbank, but the home of roof top cinema seems to be a little further to the East of Central London, and this is where I recently had my first experience of this summer craze.

I was kindly invited to the Queen on Hoxton by Freixenet (pronounced Fresh-net), a cava producer from the west of Barcelona, to witness the launch of their brand new video campaign which celebrates the #LittleThings in life.

The Garden Party

On arrival, the evening was warm, the sun was still bright and the atmosphere was full of excitement at the prospect of some interesting drinks and flavoursome food. I was invited over to the bar to try one of the three beautiful cocktails which that had been designed by Javier de las Muelas who is considered as one of the most prominent cocktail masters in the world. The choices were The Black Luxury which comprised Blackberry Liqueur, Guinness and Cordon Negro – sweet with the underlying bitterness of Guinness; the Perfect Bellini with Elderflower & Peach Liqueur, White peach Liqueur and Cordon Negro which was summery and fresh; and finally my favourite and the prettiest of the three, The Garden Party made from Mint Mojito Syrup, dashes of Angostura, Lime, Elderflower Liqueur, Martini Rosato and Cordon Negro served in a tiered martini glass and topped with pretty edible flowers.

A selection of Spanish Canapés

For the first few hours of the evening, whilst we enjoyed our cocktails, we also got to try a selection of tapas canapés including skewered lemon and herb chicken, mixed seafood kebabs and spicy Spanish meatballs. In addition to this, slices of gorgeous ham with breadsticks and olives helped to keep our hunger at bay until the freshly prepared paella arrived at our tables, packed full of meats and seafood.

freshly sliced ham
freshly sliced ham

But the food obviously wasn’t intended to be the star of the evening. As well as our cocktails which had been made using Freixenet’s signature product Cordon Negro, a cava made with the same traditional techniques as Champagne, we also had the opportunity to try some of the sparkling wines from the Mia range.

The Freixenet Range
The Mia Moscato is lovingly crafted using the Tank Method to ensure premium quality and exceptional flavour. The light style and delicate bubbles, combined with the fruity blend of peach and ripe apricot, make this a perfect drink to sip on a summers evening, while the Fresh and Crisp Sparkling Mia (also made using the Tank Method) is more zesty thanks to the combination of crunchy apples and juicy pears, and the natural aroma of white blossom. My favourite of the Mia range is the Blush Rose Moscato which takes inspiration from the city of Barcelona, combining freshly pressed Moscatel grapes with a dash of Tempranillo red wine. The sweetness is addictive and refreshing, and each sip gives a delicate mix of fresh flowers, juicy fruit jams and tropical tones.

Mia Range – Blush Rose Mustcato
churros with strawberries, marshmallows & hot chocolate sauce

Following our wine tasting we were treated to a dessert of Churros with warm chocolate sauce, strawberries and marshmallows. The churros were still warm and coated with sugar – an addiction making combination which lead to me going into piggy mode and enjoying two portions (along with another Garden Party cocktail!) This was followed by an invitation to take our seats in-front of the Queen of Hoxton’s very own roof top cinema screen where we were supplied with personal wireless headphones, a blanket (as the sun finally disappeared) and a POPS Champagne Ice Popsicle.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 18.19.58
Rooftop Cinema @ Queen of Hoxton

Before the film started we were treated to the premier screening of the #LittleThings Campaign – one that I think we can definitely all relate to. Freixenet as a brand stands for all things that can make you happy, no matter how small; from having every traffic light turn green on your approach to finding a fiver in that handbag you haven’t used for a month. These drinks are all about celebrating the #LittleThings in life that keep you happy and I believe that a glass of this refreshing Cava can be included in that very relatable hashtag!

Aside from Freixenet supplying us with some delightful food and drinks all evening, credit must also be given to The Queen of Hoxton for being such a fantastic venue for a summer’s evening. With plenty of seating to dine, drink and socialise this is a great venue to come afterwork when you require sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere! More information can be found on their website, but if you only get to visit one alfresco cinema this summer, make sure it’s this one.

Enjoying the #LittleThings… Ferris Bueller’s Day Off & POPS