Even though the weather outside is a little frightful at the moment, we are actually only a few weeks away from it officially being Summer. To get into the Summer spirit, I have teamed up with a summery spirit to create a few classic concoctions with a bit of a twist.

Koko Kanu is the UK’s leading premium flavoured white rum. With coconut continuing to be one of the nation’s favourite ingredients, Koko Kanu adds a contemporary twist to well-loved cocktail recipes.

So on a Monday night in alone, I decided to give this sweet spirit a try and see if I could perk myself up with a spin on a few rum cocktails.


The ingredients for a fun night in, alone…

Matcha Rum Fizz

50ml Koko Kanu Rum

A big squeeze of Agave Nectar

1tbsp Coconut Cream

1tsp Matcha Powder (I use this one)

50ml Lemon & Lime Infused Fizzy Water

Starting by filling your cocktail shaker with ice, pour in all of the ingredients apart from your fizzy water.

Shake well. Really well. Like a polaroid picture. The shaker will start to feel freezing which is a good thing (until you’ve realised it has frozen the lid to the shaker!) and everything should be mixing quite nicely. Remember you have powder in this so everything needs to be mixed properly to avoid any weird lumpy bits.

Pour into a short glass (mine was a birthday gift from my friends) with a few ice-cubes, OR head to Primark and buy yourself their “ice ball” moulds for £2 so you can use large spherical ice balls (because these look pretty smart) and then top with your fizzy water. I buy the bottles from Tesco which are only 45p and come in a variety of flavours.

And there you have it – a very bright green yet extremely refreshing lightly sparking matcha rum fizz. The matcha flavour is a little strong so I would perhaps suggest using a little less if you’re not a big an of it like I am.

Coconut milk… which yes, I had decanted into a milk bottle!
Teaspoon of matcha… I went a bit crazy with it!
All about the copper shaker!


Watermelon Mojito

50ml Koko Kanu Rum

Crushed Ice

Juice of 1 lime

6 Watermelon Chunks

2 tsp Sugar

Handful of Mint Leaves

Ginger Ale

A bit of a fruity spin on a classic we all know and love. I am currently OBSESSED with watermelon and so I decided to spruce up an old fave of mine with a bit of the red stuff.

You can buy pre-prepared cubes of watermelon if you want to avoid the faff or you can buy a whole watermelon if you like (I like to blitz mine up into a watermelon juice so I do it the messy way), but all you need is about 6 large-ish cubes. Place these into a tall tumbler with a handful of mint leaves and a teaspoon of sugar. Then top the tumbler with ice and stir it all in, making sure to crush the watermelon with the ice as much as you can to make the juices run.

Squeeze in the lime juice and add in the Koko Kanu Rum. Do another quick mix and then top up with your ginger ale.

And there you have it, a very colourful twist on a refreshing rum classic and it takes almost no time at all!



Koko Banana Kolada

50ml Koko Kanu Rum

50ml Pineapple Juice

1/2 Banana

50ml Coconut Cream

1tsp Sugar


This was the simplest of the three cocktails in my evening of experimentation, though I decided that now was the time to push the boat out for my presentation and really get that holiday feeling (on a Monday night in Reading!) I bought a pineapple corer from Lakeland earlier in the day specifically for this blog post and I was so excited to try it out. It’s super simple – by separating the top of the pineapple from the body you then use the corer like a corkscrew to remove the juicy middle. Then you have a hollow shell – the perfect cup to hold your cocktail!

You can then blend up the pineapple you have removed to make the juice to go into your cocktail, or save it for breakfast the next day like I did!

To make the cocktail simply place all of the ingredients into a mixer. You could use a NutriBullet but I chose to use my Breville Active Blend just because it was easier to reach in my kitchen! I added banana to this recipe to add a bit more thickness to the drink and make it even more tropical. After about a minute of blending it should all be smooth and thick. Then just decant it into your pineapple, cut a hole to place a straw, lie back and pretend you’re on a Jamaican beach. It’s so easy!

Every kitchen needs a pineapple corer!

Koko Banana Kolada


Koko Kanu is a delicious rum with a sweet and subtle coconut flavour, the perfect way to get those tropical vibes even when the British weather isn’t playing fair! Needless to say by the end of my experimental evening I was a smidge squiffy, but at least I now have my simple and easy go-to cocktails to get me through a Summer without a holiday!

Koko Kanu can be bought in most major supermarkets, as well as the Whiskey Exchange and Selfridges. Just be aware that drinking three cocktails alone in your flat will probably lead to cat ear selfies…