So that’s it. Christmas is over for another year. Anyone else suffering with a severe turkey hangover?

As I think we might all just be sick of the site of food at the moment, this post is dedicated to that next massive event coming up; the sometimes dreaded New Years Eve! Now, I  usually severely dislike New Years Eve. There’s so much pressure placed on you to have fun, and I don’t like that. On any other night of the year, if you don’t feel up for it, you can just not go out. You can cancel your plans and do it again another time. But New Years Eve, whether you’re up for it or not… you’re going out, unless you want to  resign yourself to being that loser who was in bed before midnight eating the last remaining chocolates from the Quality Street tin (the ones you don’t like – the toffees – but because you ate all the good ones weeks ago and you can’t be bothered to get get the last few Minced Pies from the kitchen so, whatever…) and watching some crap TV show about all the things that happened in 2013 that you’d forgotten about… and that’s just a bit too sad, isn’t it?!


But last year, for me, things changed. I made plans that actually made me excited for NYE, and they turned out to be the best NYE plans I’d ever made…

I bought myself a ticket to The Blitz Party.

I’ve always thought I belonged in a different era, and so when a chance to be transported back to the 1940’s came along, this seemed like this could be an event made for me! I love any excuse to dress up, and with this Wartime Glamour dress code, I was in my element – think of girls in tea dresses with wonderful hair styles and bright red lipstick, and boys in Allied Uniform with smart slicked back hair, carrying around an air of chivalry! It’s like being sent back in time to an era where bombs were a constant threat but, at the same time, there were gin cocktails a-plenty and hot-dogs in a provisions tent! Truly fabulous! IMG_2709The venue is decorated with fake sandbags, conscription posters, flags and hosts a swing band and a room playing old war time movies in black and white. It really is like you’ve stepped into a time machine, but as the threat of being bombed isn’t actually real, it’s even more fun! The cocktails available are very tasty and not too expensive, which is strange considering it’s New Years Eve and people are willing to get drunk at any price and therefore they could  take advantage of this… but they don’t, which is nice.

IMG_2571Everyone at the Blitz Party makes an effort. No-one doesn’t bother to dress up (why would you go if you weren’t a fan of fancy dress anyway?) and people embrace the era whole-heartedly. You won’t hear the latest Beyonce track played at this party – it’s all 1940’s swing music, mostly from a live band, and so the dancing matches. You need have no fear that you’re going to have some stranger coming up and grinding against you, and there will be no twerking what-so-ever. This is strictly swing. This is what differentiates this party from any other.

IMG_2578As you’d expect at New Years, people are friendly – but there is a real feel of patriotism that almost brings all Blitz Party goers together even more. You all join together in giggling and hissing at the idiot that has decided to wear a Nazi arm-band (there’s always one!) and you feel more confident talking to others about where they got their costumes from… which in turn begins best friendships for the remainders of the night!

IMG_2576So if you find yourself with no new years plans as of yet, you love dressing up, love partying with like minded people and want to party like its 1939, then this is the event for you. Visit to book your tickets to this years NYE party, only £40.

And if you’re a bit late to the party and reading this post NYE ’13/’14 – have no fear, you don’t need to wait until next year. This party is thrown once a month, on a slightly smaller scale and at the smaller price of £20. Dates announced every month.